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    Toilet Water Saver Kit for Residential Properties + Personalized w/Your Logo

    Personalized Toilet Water Saver Kit for Residential Properties
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    Need an economical, easy to use water saving kit that really works for your residential water conservation effort? This Toilet Water Saving Kit contains three low cost, easy to use water saving products that promote water conservation and water efficiency. Personalized with your logo, message and made to order, we deliver when and where you need them. Makes a great give away year round, or when needed.

    Comes complete with instructions in an easy to hand-out plastic bag.

    In three easy steps your customers can start cutting their water usage. No tools, no adjustments. Easy as 1-2-3. Every flush counts and these devices will save 1+ gallons per flush.

    • 1. Identify leaks by dropping the Leak Detection Dye tablets in the toilet tank. If the the water turns blue, your flapper needs to be replaced.

    • 2. Install the Fill Master/Tankee Clipper or fill cycle diverter. The Tankee Clipper diverts some of the water that normally fills the bowl to fill the tank. It fits onto the fill hose and clips to the fill tube. It saves up to 75% of the fill cycle water, up to 1/2 gallon per flush. This is not a flow restricting device and will not effect the flush power of the toilet.

    • 3. Install the Tank Bank and save .8 gallons per flush. Easy-to-fill, patented air lock and fill valve. Just fill to the top, snap to close and hang in the toilet tank.

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    • I have already recommended you to a friend who is visiting. She is wowwed by the shower and can't wait to get home and see what kind of faucet aerators she has so she can place an order too. Thank you for providing people with such wonderful conservation options. read more>

      - Margarate, CT

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