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    How does AgION® Antimicrobial Work?*

    Bacterial colonization start with formation of biofilm.

    Biofilm is a community of microbes that attach to surfaces. After initial colonization, the biofilm creates a "barrier" to protect the bacteria's environment thus allowing microbes to thrive and multiply.

    Variou factors can increase the risk of colonization and bacterial growth: warm water, water stagnation (dead legs) and nutrients (scale, sediment).

    AgION® helps prevent the formation of biofilm on spout-ends

    To prevent biofilms from forming the AgION® compound with Careguard® inhibits the initial colonization with a trimodal efficacy unique to Silver:
    • attacks bacterial cell wall
    • interrupts cell metabolism
    • prevents bacteria reproduction

    The controlled release of silver ions by the zeolite carrier has been engineered to provide continuous antimicrobial protections. Products by AgION® antimicrobial have been proven in laboratory tests to reduce bacteria growth and population on a treated product by as much as 99.999%.

    How is the Silver released?

    Why AgION® antimicrobials? AgION's natural silver-based technology is safer, more effective, and longer lasting than any synthetic antimicrobial.

    How Safe is AgION® Silver Zeolite?

    AgION® natural Silver is not toxic to humans or animals. Studies have shown the AgION compound to be less toxic than table salt.

    A natural silver-based compound, AgION® antimicrobial materials have NOT been linked to the adaptive resistance seen with natural materials like antibiotics.

    EPA Agion®: antimicrobial is registerd for broad range of uses including food contact, water contact, HVAC, build products, appliances, textiles, cosmetic and personal products.

    FDA AgION® antimicrobial is listed under the FDA Food Contact Substance Notification for use in all type of food-contact polymers under Section 21 CFR 176.170.

    USDA AgION® antimicrobial is on the USDA list of non-food compounds maintained by NSF for food processing plants.

    NSF Product using AgION®: antimicrobial have received certification to:
    • NSF Standard 51 for food processing/food service equipment
    • NSF Standard 42 for potable water carbon block filter systems
    • NSF Standard 61 for faucets, spray valves, kitchen/bar devices and spout-end devices (Careguard®).

    Silver throughout the Ages

    Silver has been used for centuries in medical applications and to protect drinks from spoilage.

    Ancient Greeks and Egyptians lined their drinking vessels with silver to prevent contamination and for long term storage of water. Hippocrates (460-377BC) the "father" of modern medicine wrote about the beneficial properties of Silver.

    In 14th century Europe, a time of plague, wealthy parents gave their children silver spoons to suck on, hence the expression "Born with a silver in your mouth".

    American pioneers placed a silver dollar into a jug of milk to keep it from spoiling.

    In the 1880's, doctors started to put a mild silver solution in a babies' eyes at birth to help prevent eye infections.

    Today, airline companies often use silver treated carbon water filters to protect their passengers and NASA uses an advanced silver-based system to purify drinking water for the space shuttle.

    *Neoperl, . "Neoperl."Care+Guard with Built In AgION®. 2007. Print.

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