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    About Low Flow Shower Heads

    Why switch to a low flow shower head?

    According to The Wall Street Journal, water managers in 36 states expect shortages by 2013. Two-thirds of the world's population is projected to face water scarcity by 2025. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, showering is one of the top uses of residential water in the United States, representing approximately 17 percent of indoor water use - more than 1.2 trillion gallons of water each year. The average household could save more than 2,300 gallons per year by installing a low flow shower head. One of the easiest ways you can save water is to replace your shower head with a low flow shower head.

    How much water is saved by water conserving / low flow / energy efficient shower heads?

    The difference between a water conserving shower head and the one(s) you may have in your home is the FLOW RATE measured in gallons per minute or gpm. The best way to compare shower heads is by reading the flow rate which is usually stamped on the shower head. Most new low flow shower heads flow at 2 gpm or lower. Pre-1994 shower heads could range from 3-7 gpm.

    When you replace your old shower head with a water conserving showerhead, your savings is simply the difference in the flow rates. Compared to 2.5 gpm, by selecting a new 2.0 low-flow shower head you will save 20% water usage. 1.75 gpm shower head saves 30% water usage. Choose 1.5 gpm to save 40%, and 1.25 gpm to save 50%.

    No one will argue against the benefit of saving money on water and the energy to heat the water. The next question is: will I get a great shower? The answer is: try it and you will like it, guaranteed. What can you save?

    How many gpm is a water saving showerhead and which are the best for conserving water?

    When looking to replace your shower head select a shower head which is WaterSense certified. All products bearing the WaterSense label must be tested and certified by an approved third party laboratory to ensure they meet EPA water efficiency and performance criteria. Showerheads that earn the WaterSense label must demonstrate that they use no more than 2.0 gpm. The WaterSense label also ensures that these products provide a satisfactory shower that is equal to or better than conventional showerheads on the market.

    Calculate how much water you'll save!

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